The Revised 2017-18 TCSD Calendar was approved at the TCSD Board meeting December 4, 2017.

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Make up day for the flood day September 1st, is March 12th which was a curriculum day. (All staff will work this day, students will be attending too.)The curriculum day was moved to March 30th which was a PD day. (Certified staff will work.  Classified staff are contracted for 181 days only work one curriculum day.  If you worked the curriculum day in October, then you don’t work this day). The PD day has been moved to April 2nd.  (All Certified staff should have the 24 hours of required Professional Development before this day.  If you do not, you may be required to work this day) 

Non-Traditional Days (NTI) days will be begin on the next day school is called off.  This is Day2 of NTI.  Day 1 was for the Eclipse Day. 

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2017-18 School Calendar: Revised 12-4-17
2017-18 School Calendar: Revised 12-4-17 Read More

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